Domus Heavy-Duty Laundry Equipment

One of the main benefits of the heavy-duty range is its versatility; this new range offers the possibility of customising the machines for the particular needs of every application.


All domus machines come with wifi service connect

A customer that demands equally robust, programmable, efficient and environmentally friendly machines, like its industrial models, and with identical benefits, but with greater versatility, a more manageable size and a more affordable price.

A range tailored to meet the needs of your professional activity. Heavy Professional Laundry is the answer by Domus to the needs of a different client.

Its advanced design and technology, together with its wide range of options and features, have an important effect on the energetic efficiency and on water and chemicals saving, reducing its production costs and increasing your business productivity.

domus heavy duty 4 points 8
domus heavy duty 4 points 6

The efficiency of the Heavy duty range ensures both financial savings for customers while respecting the environment, minimising the consumption of water and detergents.

Domus has developed its system of “Optimal Consumption”, that allow systems of weighing: a manual system informing the machine directly about the introduced load, or on the contrary the intelligent way where the device estimates the weight at the start of each program.

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Domus is part of a global group onnera who have been supplying commercial laundry products around the world since 1922.

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